Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Gift Of Art - Now Showing!

Art Foundry Gallery
December 2010

“The Gift of Art: Paintings, Prints, and Sculpture"

December 2 – December 31, 2010
Second Saturday Reception: Dec 11, 6-9pm

Exhibiting Artists:

Jack Alvarez
Brenda Boles
Anne Bradley
Lynne Cunningham
Eric Dahlin
Roma Devanbu
Julie Didion
Hugh Gibbons
Taylor Gutermute
Andrew Hindman
Donna Hunsberger
William Ishmael
Judy Jacobs

Maggie Jimenez
Lee Kavaljian
Zbigniew Kozikowski
Bruce Leavitt
Shirley Manfredi
Craig Martinez
Anthony Montanino
Christina Pate
Dianne Poinski
Cybele Rowe
Nancy Russell
Craig Schindler
Mick Sheldon
Leslie Smith
Leslie Toms
Jean Van Keuren
Katherine Venturelli

Fernando Garcia

For more information go to:

Monday, October 18, 2010

Leslie Smith - Video Slideshow

Leslie Smith

"Liminal Spaces"

Be sure to turn your speakers on!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mark Bowles - New Video Slideshow!

Mark Bowles


Be sure to turn your speakers on!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mark Bowles & Leslie Smith - Gallery View

Showing at the Art Foundry Gallery


September 9 - November 6, 2010

Mark Bowles


Leslie Smith

Mark Bowles

Leslie Smith

Mark Bowles

Leslie Smith

Mark Bowles

Leslie Smith

Friday, September 3, 2010

Mark Bowles & Leslie Smith

September 9 – November 6, 2010

Preview Reception:

Thursday, Sept. 9th, 5 - 8pm

Second Saturday Reception:
Sept. 11th, 6 - 9pm

Mark Bowles

"The West" 48" x 48"

Leslie Smith

"Joyous Response" 48" x 48"

The Art Foundry Gallery presents a dual exhibit shared by two life-long friends, artists Mark Bowles and Leslie Smith. Over the course of their shared history and friendship they both have pursued their passion exploring the language of painting.

Visitors will discover two unique styles of abstraction: While Bowles and Smith have collaborated as one would expect friends to do over the years, when it comes to putting paint to canvas, each presents imagery uniquely their own. Perhaps most exciting about these two exhibits is each artist’s use of color. Bowles’ work focuses on classic California landscapes whose presentation is in no way ordinary. His current work is a summation of all he has done before, but now expressed at a new and even more exciting and intellectual level. Smith’s work communicates movement and energy from a more abstract psychological perspective and in some instances includes surprising textures which result from multi-media layering. It is apparent both painters love the exploration of color which evokes emotion and engages their viewers.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Leslie Smith

Opening September 9th at the Art Foundry Gallery: Leslie Smith

About the Artist :
Leslie Tucker Smith is a California born artist who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and now resides in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. A graduate of San Jose State University, she holds a degree in graphic design and at graduation received an Award of Merit for her portfolio.

As a commercial artist in Northern California, she won top recognition for her work in black and white print advertising.

Smith has always had an affinity for a range of visual and textural media. Early in her career as a clothing designer and fabric artist, the San Francisco Chronicle’s fashion editor applauded Smith for her hand made silk screened fabrics and dress designs, reminiscent of Finland’s contemporary Marimeko Designs. It was during in this time frame Smith also explored the use of wax resist techniques in fabric dying in created large wall hangings for interior and exterior spaces for which she was commissioned by the Artist in Residence at San Jose State as well through private collectors. Later, Smith expanded her interest in textiles by studying dying techniques. She followed her interest by spending time with the women of a small village on the Northern Border of Greece who had formed a small cottage industry dedicated to spinning, dying and weaving fabrics for export. She continued her interest in textiles by exploring the range of colors that could be derived from natural plant materials. Later her work was included in a group show of natural fiber spinning and plant dyes at California’s Richmond Art Center.

In the area of ceramics, Smith shared a studio in Benicia, California where she excelled in hand built stoneware that was both functional and sculptural. Later in Sacramento, her sculptural work, judged by Yoshio Taylor, received the Award of Merit in Mixed Media in a show by the Valley Sculpture Artists.

Smith has been commissioned for her work in jewelry making as well. She studied and utilized the lost wax centrifugal method of casting which she studied both as an undergraduate student at San Jose State and at the Mendocino Art Center. Smith used theses opportunities to explore and express concepts of “natural” design.

Smith has always considered herself to be a painter first and foremost. Today she uses acrylics, pastels and sewn objects in her canvases and considers herself to be as an abstract expressionist. As she describes it, “My work is a living process. It keeps me connected to something basic within myself. It sometimes takes the form of being a visual journalist, telling my life story experientially. I am a process painter in that I am captivated by how the canvas changes as I work”.

"Joyous Response", acrylic/oil crayon/pastel, 48" x 48"

In 2008 Smith’s paintings were part of a group “Color Show” at the Art Foundry Gallery Sacramento. One of her pieces was then selected for display in Sacramento’s City Hall.

Smith also holds a Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy. She currently works as a psychotherapist in counseling where in she utilizes all of her capabilities and art training in her work with her clients.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Jerry Harris

The Sculpture World of Jerry Harris

Second Saturday Reception

August 14th, 2010

6 - 9 pm

"Exxon Oil King"

International and national sculptor Jerry Harris will be having a ten year retrospective of his work at the Art Foundry Gallery in Sacramento, August 12th to September 4th.

The Art Foundry Gallery is a leading Northern California art gallery, representing such artists as Gregory Kondos, Richard Hunt, and the estate of Peter Voulkos amongst others.

Mr. Harris is an African American artist who lives in Chico, Ca, and works in San Francisco. Harris lived in Stockholm, Sweden for 20 years until his return to the United States in 1998.

Interesting blogs by Jerry Harris include, blackartworld.wordpress.com, and, artage.wordpress.com.

You can buy the book, "The Sculpture World of Jerry Harris" at barnesandnoble.com and amazon.com.

For more information, visit his website: harrisculpture.com

Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

Upstairs Artists and Gallery

The Art Foundry Gallery is unique in that in addition to the main downstairs gallery space, there is also an upstairs gallery featuring special exhibits as well as the studios of many local working artists.

During Second Saturday these artists open their doors to visitors interested in learning more about their work or wishing to purchase art directly from the artist. Many of these artists can also be found working during the week and visitors are always welcome.

The "Artists Upstairs" include:

Brenda Boles - www.brendaboles.com

Julie Didion - Juliedidion@comcast.net

Andy Graham - printmakerandy@yahoo.com Andy can be found upstairs on Second Saturday leading monotype print demonstrations. Click here for more information on Andy.

Taylor Gutermute - www.taylorforart.com

Judy "JJ" Jacobs - www.comingabstractions.com

Zbigniew Kozikowski -www.kozikowskistudios.com

Christina Pate - www.christinasart.net

Dianne Poinski - www.diannepoinski.com

Merle Axelrad Serlin - www.axelradart.com

Katherine Venturelli - caprintmakers.org Katherine also helps out with the monotype print demonstrations on Second Saturday.

Jiayi & Shih-Wen Young www.sifting.org

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gallery Rental

Host Your Next Event at the

Art Foundry Gallery

Upstairs "Loft" Gallery

Downstairs "Main" Gallery

Personal attention guarantees your event at the

Art Foundry Gallery will be a success!

For more information call:


email us at:


or go to our website:

Monday, May 17, 2010

Images from the Gallery

For those of you who can't make it to the gallery to view our current show:

William Ishmael

"Light and Imagination"

Friday, May 7, 2010

May 8th Second Saturday

May 8th
Second Saturday Reception
6 - 9pm

"Light & Imagination"

© William Ishmael "Clear Light" Acrylic on Canvas 48" x 48"

Also showing:

Gregory Kondos

© Gregory Kondos "River Cruise" Limited Edition Giclee

Mark Bowles

© Mark Bowles "Dusk" 36" x 36" Acrylic on Canvas

Monday, May 3, 2010

Meet Our Instructors - Taylor Gutermute

We recently announced the spring schedule of classes and workshops now being offered at the Art Foundry Gallery.

As part of our ongoing series featuring each of the program's instructors, we are introducing Taylor Gutermute this week. For more information about the classes, go to our website artfoundrygallery.com.

Taylor Gutermute

Taylor began developing an art making process as a child by using whatever was available to draw on, cut and paste, or make into three-dimensional forms. This inattention to traditional art materials and an impulse to assemble bits and pieces into a larger whole has placed her in the position of inventing and experimenting with many different media. In her repertoire are indoor and outdoor sculptures, abstract photographs, mixed media drawings, and collages.

Pattern Pathways - Fused pigment on metal 30" x 19" x 8" (Private Collection)

In some works she addresses her concern for the environment by using recycled metal, plastic bags, concrete, or found objects. In others, sheet metal is formed into a shaped canvas to be left as is or painted. Some sculptures are painted with a powdered pigment, which is then fused onto the metal making the colorful works suitable for inside or outside environments. Her sheet metal sculptures typically twist and turn like our lives reflecting the multiple pathways we encounter daily and as our life progresses. The sculptures are hung on the wall, suspended or are free standing. They are in offices, lobbies, living areas, and outside on buildings, parks, and in residential yards. Size, surface treatment, and color vary to suit the location.

Fragments - Fused pigment on metal

Portal Progression

Fused pigment on metal. Five part installation, sizes vary to 13'x3'x3"
Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission Art in Public Places Grant
(Del Paso Blvd. at Highway 160, Sacramento, CA)

Taylor has won awards, scholarships, commissions, and grants for her artwork while working as an artist in San Francisco, New York, and Sacramento. She earned an MFA at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. In addition to her solo work, public art, and commissions, she does collaborative works of art with other artists and with small or large groups of young people or adults in corporate or education setting.

Commissioned pieces are welcomed and can be made to fit the location. Her work may be seen every Second Saturday upstairs at the Art Foundry Gallery at 1021 R Street at 10th in Sacramento or by appointment.

For more information or to sign up for a workshop, contact her at 916-833-6248 or go to her website: www.taylorforart.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Meet our Instructors - Judy "JJ" Jacobs

We recently announced the spring schedule of classes and workshops now being offered at the Art Foundry Gallery.

As part of our ongoing series featuring each of the program's instructors, we are introducing JJ Jacobs this week. For more information about the classes, including JJ's "Upcycled Mixed MediaTags " workshop on Saturday May 1, go to our website artfoundrygallery.com

JJ Jacobs

Judy "JJ" Jacobs has been an aspiring artist since the age of 2 when she learned crayons were for drawing and not eating. She excelled in art throughout her schooling but majored in business and real estate because "it paid the bills."

After 30 years of working in property management and commercial real estate development she decided to follow her passion and opened a studio at The Artists Upstairs featuring her colorful abstracts; lamp-worked beads; fused glass and found object art. Her art is in private and corporate collections all over the world.

"Echo Canyon"

For more information see:


J.J.Jacobs (916) 997-0005

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sneak Preview

Opening at the Art Foundry Gallery

May 6, 2010

William Ishmael

"Light and Imagination"

"Clear Light" Acrylic on Canvas, 48" x 48", 2008

Compelling new work from this talented abstract artist, whose brilliant and highly textural paintings incorporate such unique elements as sand, charcoal, and seed pods into the final enigmatic composition.

“My work intends to capture the feel of time and weather – the stained and varnished rocks of the Grand Canyon; corroded metal and desert streambeds… the battered walls of Rome and Mexico.”

Join us For a Special Thursday Night Preview: May 6 5:30-7:30pm

Second Saturday Receptions

May 8 and June 12 6-9pm

Friday, April 9, 2010

Meet Our Instructors - Katherine Venturelli

We recently announced the spring schedule of classes and workshops now being offered at the Art Foundry Gallery.

As part of our ongoing series featuring each of the program's instructors, we are introducing Katherine Venturelli this week. For more information about the classes, including Katherine's "Intro to Oil Based Monotype Printmaking" workshop beginning on April 17th, go to our website artfoundrygallery.com

Katherine Venturelli

Katherine Venturelli is an artist and teacher nationally recognized for unique or varied edition artist books and fine prints produced from her printmaking studio in Sutter Creek, California. The work is represented in many prestigious collections including the Palace of the Legion of Honor (San Francisco); Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe; Walker Art Center (Minneapolis); Crocker Art Museum Sacramento.

©Katherine Venturelli "Shrine"

She is on the art faculty for Los Rios Community College District. Over the past 30 years as an arts educator, Katherine has been able to share her passion for the monotype process.

©Katherine Venturelli "Into The Darkness"

For more information about Katherine go to: caprintmakers.org

To register for her workshops, email her at: kventurelli@peoplepc.com or call 209-267-0567

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Meet Out Instructors - Martha Esch

We recently announced the spring schedule of classes and workshops now being offered at the Art Foundry Gallery.

As part of our ongoing series featuring each of the program's instructors, we are introducing Martha Esch this week. For more information about the classes, including Martha's sculpture, painting and drawing classes, visit our website: artfoundrygallery.com

Martha Esch

Martha Esch was lucky as a child to have a neighbor who gave her classical oil painting instruction.

She is well-versed in various mediums and gladly shares many secrets and technique tricks with her 180 grade school art students, and adult students at her studio gallery in Locke, California, and art workshops at Wilbur Hot Springs.

Esch’s teaching philosophy: Demonstrate often, maximize student production time, constructive critiques, no wasted precious art time. Esch’s strengths: figures, portraits, illustration, realism, impressionism, lettering, painting & sculpture.

Education: Cleveland Institute of Art; Kent State University, B.A., Studio Art /Aerospace Flight minor. www.marthaesch.blogspot.com www.artworksinprogress.com www.theaerodrome.com/ Martha Esch (916) 776-1000

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Meet Our Instructors - Barbara DeWein

We recently announced the spring schedule of classes and workshops now being offered at the Art Foundry Gallery.

Starting with Barbara DeWein, we will be introducing each of the instructors that will be bringing their knowledge and experience to the program.

For more information about the classes, including Barbara's "Intro to Water-based Monotype Printmaking" workshop, visit our website: artfoundrygallery.com

Barbara DeWein

Barbara DeWein has worked professionally in the Arts since 1980. Her mediums include monotype, sculpture in ceramic and bronze, painting, mixed media and murals. Having an affinity for monotype printmaking, she has been working continually since 1993 to develop her signature printmaking style.

© Barbara DeWein "Tiger Heart" - Monotype 6" x 6"

Working mostly with animal subjects, waterscapes and botanicals, she exhibits and sells her monotypes locally and regionally.

© Barbara DeWein "Golden Bear" - Monotype 22" x 30"

Skilled in her teaching, Barbara enjoys sharing with students the many exciting creative techniques and sense of discovery that monotype printmaking offers.

Education: CSUS, BA, Fine Arts, 1973; private tutelage.

Barbara DeWein (916) 922-3126

Monday, March 15, 2010

Workshops at the Art Foundry

Spring 2010 Art Workshops and Ongoing Classes
All classes take place at the Art Foundry - 1021 R Street, Sacramento

Bronze Workshop: Learn and implement the multiple-stages of foundry processes in the creation of your own bronze sculpture.
Instructor: Alan Osborne (916) 444-2787;
Tuition: $300 (Returning Students - $200) Material Fee: $100. This includes the use of Foundry equipment and costs of all materials wax, shell, etc.), exclusive of bronze;
Dates/Time: Thursdays 6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. Check for class space openings.

Sculpture: Figures & Heads in Clay - Instructor demonstrates and guides artists to sculpting the human figure and partial figures in the Classical style, 6 - 12" tall in clay, or as a portrait of a human head, referencing figure casts, artists’ drawings, or from live models.
Instructor: Martha Esch (916) 776-1000;
Materials fee $25; Tuition:$60/monthly;
Days/Time: Tuesdays, ongoing 6 -7:30 p.m.

Still Life Painting: Artists bring their own supplies and choice of mediums to paint dramatically-lit scenes of fruit, vases, casts and other traditional subjects. Instructor gives demonstrations, guidance and constructive critiques.
Instructor: Martha Esch(916) 776-1000;
Materials fee: $5 - $20 (optional); Tuition: $80/monthly;
Days/Times: Mondays, ongoing 6 – 8 p.m.

Figure Drawing & Painting: Demonstrations and guidance given in painting and drawing costumed and draped live models. Drawing with pencil, conte and charcoal, and painting in mediums of choice. Artists bring their own supplies. Some easels are available.
Instructor: Martha Esch (916) 776-1000
Materials fee: $5 - $20 (optional); Tuition: $80/monthly;
Day/Time: Mondays, ongoing 6 – 8 p.m.

Open Session Drawing & Painting: Live costumed or draped models. Not instructed, however open session is run alongside the instructed class.

Host: Martha Esch; (916) 776-1000
Fee: $8/drop in or $20/monthly;
Day/Time: Mondays, ongoing 6 - 8 p.m.

Intro to Water-based Monotype Printmaking: Non-toxic Mediums Learn to create unique and original prints on the press using a variety of tools, quality papers, non-toxic water-based mediums and inks. Monotype methods allow creative exploration to be spontaneous and fun. Learn various techniques; experimentation encouraged. No drawing skills required. Limit 6 students.
Instructor: Barbara DeWein (916) 922-3126;
Tuition:$165, includes materials, except paper. [Section 1] is four meetings:
Dates/Times: Thursdays, April 22, 29, May 6, and13th / 6- 8:30 p.m.; [Section 2] is three meetings: Sat, May 15, Sun, May 16, Sat, May 22 / 10:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Intro to Oil Based Monotype Printmaking: Learn the basics of this fun, low-tech, experimental, painterly printmaking process. Develop an understanding of printmaking fundamentals, materials and techniques using the press and oil-based inks (non-toxic clean-up). All levels. Limit 8.
Instructor: Katherine Venturelli (209) 267-0567;
Tuition: $165 (includes materials, except paper) 3 meetings.
Dates/Time: Saturday, April 17, Sunday, April18, Saturday, April 24/1-4:30pm.

Workshop: Build a Canvas:
Learn to build a wood frame, stretch canvas, and prepare the canvas for painting. Leave with a finished prepared canvas, and the knowledge to begin stretching your own canvases. Ideas, techniques, and information on mediums commonly used in traditional canvas painting will be provided.
Instructor: Christina Pate (530)591-3787;
Tuition: $35; Materials Fee: $25;
Date/Time: March 19, 2010/ 5:30-8 p.m.

Workshop: Build a Watercolor Canvas: Learn to build a wood frame, stretch watercolor paper, and the different ways to prepare the paper for painting. Leave the class with a complete prepared watercolor frame, ideas, techniques, and information on mediums commonly used in preparation and application. 1 meeting.
Instructor: Christina Pate (530)591-3787;
Tuition: $35; Materials Fee: $40;
Date/Time: Sunday, June 20, 2010 5:30-8:00 p.m.

Workshop: Build a Wood Panel Canvas: Learn to make a wood panel frame suitable to paint on with various mediums. Leave with a complete and prepared wood panel frame ready for painting. Ideas, techniques, and information on mediums commonly used on wood panel paintings. 1 meeting.
Instructor Christina Pate (530)591-3787;
Tuition: $35;Materials Fee: $35;
Date/Time: Friday, May 21, 2010/ 5:30-8:00 p.m.

Plein Air Hot Springs Weekend: A fun field trip for adult artists. We’ll meet at the Art Foundry at 10 a.m. on Saturday, May 15 and drive up I-5 to Wilbur Hot Springs, near Williams, California. Painting guidance and camaraderie.
Instructor: Martha Esch (916) 776-1000;
Tuition: $20; Materials: $20(optional);
Hotel stay and hot springs use additional charge, arranged with Wilbur Hot Springs.
Dates: May 15 – 16, returning to Sacramento around 8 p.m. Sunday.

Painting ~ Plein Air and a Costumed Model A non-instructed outing. We’ll meet at The Art Foundry and walk to Capitol Park with our supplies, easels and our costumed model. Also bring a sack lunch, sunhat and a camera. 1 meeting.
Host: Martha Esch (916)776-1000;
Fee: $12;
Date /Time: Sunday, May 2, 2010 from 9 a.m. to noon.

Ink, Paper, Roller Learn printmaking with easily obtained materials and equipment. Explore the basic techniques of printmaking as well as design and composition strategies for achieving creative, satisfying and unique results. Good class to take before advancing to the printing press. Instructor: Taylor Gutermute (916)833-6248;
Tuition (including supplies): $65;
Date/Time: Adults Only - Two Thursday evenings, April 15 & April 22/6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Ink, Paper, Roller for Parent and Child: Beginning class for children 7 years and up and a parent.

Instructor: Taylor Gutermute (916)833-6248;
Tuition: $65
Date/Time: Two Saturdays, April 17 & April 24/ 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

Upcycled Mixed MediaTags Fun, funky and colorful little tags made from found objects and plastic laminate tags. For ages 10+ years to adult. Can be worn as necklaces or used as tags on gifts, wine, etc.
Tuition: $45 includes all materials. 1 meeting.
Instructor: J.J.Jacobs (916) 997-0005;
Date/Time: Saturday, May 1, 2010/ 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Registering for Your Classes and Workshops: Workshops are scheduled for varying durations, and most have specific start and end dates. Classes are ongoing. Tuition and materials fees should be paid through the instructors. Call the instructors directly for information regarding your classes or workshops of interest and to register. If for any reason you are not satisfied with any class or workshop, your instructor will refund your unused balance of paid tuition and materials fees.


Alan Osborne

Barbara DeWein

Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Tower Show" in the Upstairs Gallery

Now Showing in the Upstairs Gallery

The Tower Show

March 12 - May 1, 2010

Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Saturday; 10 - 6, or by appointment.

Second Saturday Reception

March 13th, 2010 - 6 - 9

Participating Artists:

Maxine Aaron
Charles Asher
Maliheh Bartolomeo
Christopher Beer
Yvonne Bryte
Pam Findleton
Cherie Hacker
John Heinen
Keith Hopkins
Marta Irvin
Sheila Jacobs
Susan Lehman
Judy Lew-Loose
Jim Marxen
Anthony Montanino
Rhett Neal
Don Nicholson
David Peterson
Jean Roach
Gwen Samuels
Patty Paige Short
Robyn Slakey
Lonn Stern
Carol Trieste

Monday, February 22, 2010

Steve Recchia

Steve Recchia
Featured at the Art Foundry Gallery

"Visions in Bronze"
February 13 - March 6, 2010

©Steve Recchia "Things are Going Well"

©Steve Recchia

©Steve Recchia "Climbers"

©Steve Recchia "I Dunno" & "Keeping Score"

©Steve Recchia "Administrative Yoga" & "Burning Question"

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Artist's Talk

Artist's Talk with Alan Osborne

Sanchez Art Center

Sunday, February 14

4 pm

1220 - B Linda Mar

Pacifica, CA 94044


For more information go to their website:
Sanchez Art Center

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bronze Workshop

When: Classes are held on Thursday's from 6:30pm to 9:30pm starting January 28th, 2010.

Where: Foundry - 1021 R Street, Sacramento, 95811

Cost: $300 (Returning Students - $200) plus a material fee of $100.

This includes the costs of all materials, exclusive of bronze, (wax, shell, etc.) and the use of Foundry equipment.

This fee should be paid directly to the Art Foundry. In addition, students will be charged per/pound for the bronze used in their sculptures.

Schedule: January 28th, February 4th, February 11th, February 18th, February 25th, March 4th, March 11th, March 18th, and March 25th.

Please email Robert Andersen or call 916-444-2787 to register.

Returning students receive a $100 discount. Space is limited so hurry and register to reserve your seat.

Class syllabus and other information will be sent after registration.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Alan Osborne Opening Reception

Alan Osborne
Enamels & Bronzes

Sanchez Art Center
Opening Reception
Friday, January 15th, 2010

Sanchez Art Center

1220 - B Linda Mar

Pacifica, CA 94044


For more information go to their website:
Sanchez Art Center