Monday, May 17, 2010

Images from the Gallery

For those of you who can't make it to the gallery to view our current show:

William Ishmael

"Light and Imagination"

Friday, May 7, 2010

May 8th Second Saturday

May 8th
Second Saturday Reception
6 - 9pm

"Light & Imagination"

© William Ishmael "Clear Light" Acrylic on Canvas 48" x 48"

Also showing:

Gregory Kondos

© Gregory Kondos "River Cruise" Limited Edition Giclee

Mark Bowles

© Mark Bowles "Dusk" 36" x 36" Acrylic on Canvas

Monday, May 3, 2010

Meet Our Instructors - Taylor Gutermute

We recently announced the spring schedule of classes and workshops now being offered at the Art Foundry Gallery.

As part of our ongoing series featuring each of the program's instructors, we are introducing Taylor Gutermute this week. For more information about the classes, go to our website

Taylor Gutermute

Taylor began developing an art making process as a child by using whatever was available to draw on, cut and paste, or make into three-dimensional forms. This inattention to traditional art materials and an impulse to assemble bits and pieces into a larger whole has placed her in the position of inventing and experimenting with many different media. In her repertoire are indoor and outdoor sculptures, abstract photographs, mixed media drawings, and collages.

Pattern Pathways - Fused pigment on metal 30" x 19" x 8" (Private Collection)

In some works she addresses her concern for the environment by using recycled metal, plastic bags, concrete, or found objects. In others, sheet metal is formed into a shaped canvas to be left as is or painted. Some sculptures are painted with a powdered pigment, which is then fused onto the metal making the colorful works suitable for inside or outside environments. Her sheet metal sculptures typically twist and turn like our lives reflecting the multiple pathways we encounter daily and as our life progresses. The sculptures are hung on the wall, suspended or are free standing. They are in offices, lobbies, living areas, and outside on buildings, parks, and in residential yards. Size, surface treatment, and color vary to suit the location.

Fragments - Fused pigment on metal

Portal Progression

Fused pigment on metal. Five part installation, sizes vary to 13'x3'x3"
Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission Art in Public Places Grant
(Del Paso Blvd. at Highway 160, Sacramento, CA)

Taylor has won awards, scholarships, commissions, and grants for her artwork while working as an artist in San Francisco, New York, and Sacramento. She earned an MFA at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. In addition to her solo work, public art, and commissions, she does collaborative works of art with other artists and with small or large groups of young people or adults in corporate or education setting.

Commissioned pieces are welcomed and can be made to fit the location. Her work may be seen every Second Saturday upstairs at the Art Foundry Gallery at 1021 R Street at 10th in Sacramento or by appointment.

For more information or to sign up for a workshop, contact her at 916-833-6248 or go to her website: www.taylorforart.