Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Meet Our Instructors - Barbara DeWein

We recently announced the spring schedule of classes and workshops now being offered at the Art Foundry Gallery.

Starting with Barbara DeWein, we will be introducing each of the instructors that will be bringing their knowledge and experience to the program.

For more information about the classes, including Barbara's "Intro to Water-based Monotype Printmaking" workshop, visit our website: artfoundrygallery.com

Barbara DeWein

Barbara DeWein has worked professionally in the Arts since 1980. Her mediums include monotype, sculpture in ceramic and bronze, painting, mixed media and murals. Having an affinity for monotype printmaking, she has been working continually since 1993 to develop her signature printmaking style.

© Barbara DeWein "Tiger Heart" - Monotype 6" x 6"

Working mostly with animal subjects, waterscapes and botanicals, she exhibits and sells her monotypes locally and regionally.

© Barbara DeWein "Golden Bear" - Monotype 22" x 30"

Skilled in her teaching, Barbara enjoys sharing with students the many exciting creative techniques and sense of discovery that monotype printmaking offers.

Education: CSUS, BA, Fine Arts, 1973; private tutelage.

Barbara DeWein (916) 922-3126

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