Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Meet Out Instructors - Martha Esch

We recently announced the spring schedule of classes and workshops now being offered at the Art Foundry Gallery.

As part of our ongoing series featuring each of the program's instructors, we are introducing Martha Esch this week. For more information about the classes, including Martha's sculpture, painting and drawing classes, visit our website: artfoundrygallery.com

Martha Esch

Martha Esch was lucky as a child to have a neighbor who gave her classical oil painting instruction.

She is well-versed in various mediums and gladly shares many secrets and technique tricks with her 180 grade school art students, and adult students at her studio gallery in Locke, California, and art workshops at Wilbur Hot Springs.

Esch’s teaching philosophy: Demonstrate often, maximize student production time, constructive critiques, no wasted precious art time. Esch’s strengths: figures, portraits, illustration, realism, impressionism, lettering, painting & sculpture.

Education: Cleveland Institute of Art; Kent State University, B.A., Studio Art /Aerospace Flight minor. www.marthaesch.blogspot.com www.artworksinprogress.com www.theaerodrome.com/ Martha Esch (916) 776-1000

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  1. Wow, this is very exciting for the Foundry. How do we sign up for classes? Are there any printmaking classes going on?