Monday, October 18, 2010

Leslie Smith - Video Slideshow

Leslie Smith

"Liminal Spaces"

Be sure to turn your speakers on!


  1. Beautiful, the music is perfect.


  2. Leslie and her work are always, in all ways inspirational! Her energy, love, and wonder fill each canvas as well as everyone blessed to share time and space with her. I applaud her new works, they touch my heart and light a torch under my simmering creativity. For all that get to see her new works up close, I am jealous, for I am 3000 miles away and unable to get lost in the textures and subtleties that enrich her bold strokes and vibrant designs. Thank you, Leslie, for sharing your passions with us! We are all enriched by your courageous creative spirit. Joy Joslyn

  3. What a wonderful gift that Alan and Mark have supported you so completely in showcasing your latest paintings. It is a testament to the quality of your work. This show is such a treat -- each painting a celebration. Well done, Leslie. Beautiful! -- Janel