Monday, June 28, 2010

Upstairs Artists and Gallery

The Art Foundry Gallery is unique in that in addition to the main downstairs gallery space, there is also an upstairs gallery featuring special exhibits as well as the studios of many local working artists.

During Second Saturday these artists open their doors to visitors interested in learning more about their work or wishing to purchase art directly from the artist. Many of these artists can also be found working during the week and visitors are always welcome.

The "Artists Upstairs" include:

Brenda Boles -

Julie Didion -

Andy Graham - Andy can be found upstairs on Second Saturday leading monotype print demonstrations. Click here for more information on Andy.

Taylor Gutermute -

Judy "JJ" Jacobs -

Zbigniew Kozikowski

Christina Pate -

Dianne Poinski -

Merle Axelrad Serlin -

Katherine Venturelli - Katherine also helps out with the monotype print demonstrations on Second Saturday.

Jiayi & Shih-Wen Young

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